iStation Training Notes


Assessments are done at the first of every Month.

On Demand Assessments:
On-demand assessments are available (high grade level students can test down...low grade level students can test up if more advanced).

For Tier 3 students, you may want to test students more frequently...every 2 weeks using on-demand assessments

Determine Grade Level:
To determine grade level of student, if Tier 3, look at Tier 1 of previous grade level and locate first appearance of score. Do the reverse for advanced students.

Reading Assessment:
In the reading assessment, students will not be able to refer back to the passage. This is a test of working memory. In the curriculum, the skill of referring back to the passage is taught.

Spelling Assessment:

Vocabulary Assessment:
Vocabulary is tested in four ways: contextually/definition/synonym/pictoral

Fluency Assessment:
Not just rate and speed.
Tests comprehension as well as speed.


Science Curriculum isn't available until student reaches 3rd grade level.
Self-selection of text is available at cycle 13 (~4th grade level).

Writing Responses: Timed writing prompts based on passage of choice. ("Inking their thinking")

Teacher Resources Component:
Any of the books that the kids are reading, you have access to on the Teacher Resource Page to print. (Color & Foldable)

ISIP Early Reading Assessments:

Summary Report:
  • shows # & % of your classroom and their classification in the 3 Tiers.
  • select month to view
  • Tier 3 listed first, because they need the most help
  • Click on Blue + Sign beside child's name to see more detailed information about child's assessment

Skill Growth by Tier Level:
  • shows skill growth throughout year by Tier

Priority Report:
  • Most Crucial Report for teachers
  • Identifies those students who will benefit from further intervention
  • Breakdown by Currciulum (Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension...)
  • Gives tier level and recommended teacher lesson
  • Tier 3 students...start with Lesson 4 and move backwards.
  • Once intervention has been delivered, check box and program will document (time & date stamp) that there has been an interention. This goes into the report that will go to the state showing interventions.

Student Summary Handouts:
  • Provides handout - 1 page report - grade level, cycle, hours of usage, lexile range, ability index score, grade level equivalency, overall Tier Level, text fluency level (watch out for Tier 3 Overall Reader with Text Fluency on a Tier 1...this is a Red Flag for Dislexia!)
  • To Print, always choose Print Icon from within Page, not from the toolbar at the top.
  • Click on Graph to pull up more information...shows when intervention was delivered
Usage Report
  • Lists classroom by Tier Level
  • Tier 3 students should be on for a minimum of 90 min./wk.
  • Click + sign
  • Session History dot indicates idle on + to see exactly where in the program student was idle. (Student must click PAUSE button before leaving for a break)
  • Yellow Dot indicates Excessive Logouts

Report Toolbox:

Reading Level Correlation Table - shows where ability scores compare to Grade Level, Lexile Levels
Instructional Tier Goals - shows Grade Equivalency for specific subtest
Assessment Information - shows percentilers by class/month
Usage Criteria - recomendations for usage

Teacher Resources Tab:

Provides additional classroom resources
Grade Level Scope and Sequence
Teacher Led Interventions
Skills Based Interventions - provide more resources for classroom (Ex. 3rd Grade - Main Idea)/Writing Lessons/Graphic Organizers (KWL, Concept Def. Map, Vocabulary Think Through)
Imagination Station Books - titles of books, type of text, lexile, grade level, skill being introduced.
Stories - letter stories
Vocabulary Cards
Word Masters Card Game
Classroom Decorations and Handouts
Certificates - appreciation, completion
Parent Letters - English or Spanish, check areas being addressed with student

Create an On-Demand Assessment:

  • Go to: Left Column on Main window:
  • Click Manage
  • Click on Students
  • Click On-Demand Assessment
  • Displays Class List
  • Green Boxes are the most appropriate grade level assessments at that students grade level
  • Check box of desired assessment and click submit
To test Advanced Reading:
Students must show ability score of end of 3rd year ability
Go to top of screen and click "Schedule On Demand Assessment..." in Box labeled "Grade Appropriate or On-Demand Assessment"

Computer Activity Format

Teach Guided Practice
Independent Practice in Isolation
Independent Practice in Connected Text